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Hello everyone,


I am very pleased right now. My blog was just created yesterday, and we already have over 20 hits! Amazing! Thank you SO much!


Anyway, I know that many of you are having trouble with the new Nabooti Island. I will be posting a poll, asking you for which island you have the most trouble on. I’ll post them based on the results.


I know that some of you are having trouble in the part with the chicken, corn feed and fox. Just as a little tip, you take the chicken first, drop him off at the other side. Then go back, pick up the corn feed, and pick up the chicken when you get to the other side. Bring him back, drop him off, and take the fox with you. Bring the fox to the other side (that has the corn feed already) and come back with nothing in the cart. Take the chicken, and drop him off at the other side, which already has the fox and corn feed. Good job! You’re done!


Ask me if you need some quick help with other parts.




-Fierce Sky


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  1. I’d really appreciate it if you guys left me comments here. You could send me questions about the blog or Poptropica, or suggestions for the blog, so it could be better.

    Thanks! 🙂

    -Fierce Sky

    Comment by littleguy274 | December 12, 2008 | Reply

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