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100 Hits?!?! Already?!?!

Wow. That’s all I can say.


I never thought that this would happen this soon.


I created this blog on Thursday,  December 11th. It hasn’t even been 5 days, and we have 100 hits already. Wow.


I noticed in my blog stats that most of you discovered this blog through searching for Nabooti. I know that I havn’t been of that much help for Nabooti Island yet, but I’m working on an awesome guide. If you have any quick questions, just comment on this post. I respond pretty quickly, so you won’t have to wait for long for answers. I finished the island on the day it came out, so I can answer any questions that you have.


Again, thank you all for your (early) support of Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Help Blog! Hey, why don’t we set some goals? Let’s try to get 200 hits by Monday! You can help reach the goal by visiting us here again, or telling people about this new blog.


Until next time, (when we have EVEN MORE HITS!)


-Fierce Sky


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