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A Few Reminders From Fierce Sky

So, there hasn’t been much Poptropica news recently, so I figured I could use this break to remind all you viewers of a few things you might be interested in.

First off, I put up a poll earlier this month on the site asking what you’d like to see happen on here. That poll has 42 and counting votes already, but I’d like to see at least 100 by the end of December. I really appreciate your input, and would still like to know more of what to emphasize on the blog. So, if you haven’t already, please vote on this poll soon! I reposted it below. (Also, I would like to see a bit more support for talking a bit about other games besides Poptropica, as I know that the only person who has voted for it is Smockers from the PHB.)



Second off, the 1st ever Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Blog Header Contest is ending in a month. What does this mean? Work, slaves, work! It’s time to work on the headers! If you haven’t started working on your header already, now would be a good time to start. I would like much effort put on these headers, as they are going at the top of my blog, so they have to be extra nice. Also, as a little side note: some of the entries I’ve already received have not exactly been what I wanted. I’ve received more than one entry with people taking the requirements, and extending on them. Yes, some people may have put my avatar in a fairly nice logo, and then felt the need to add their own avatar to the header, possibly even with an ad along with it. Please keep in mind that if your header contains things such as advertisements or attempting to make your own being on there, IT WILL NOT WIN THE CONTEST! Think about it: if you were making a blog and a header, would you add a person’s head who has no administration on the blog whatsoever to the header? Yeah, I didn’t think so. If you are making a header (which you better be doing!) please follow the rules, and do not take advantages of your privileges in this contest.


Thanks for reading!


-Fierce Sky


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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/24/09: Binary SCREAM! Edition

Hello Poptropicans,


First, I’d like to apologize for the delay in this post. I was very busy yesterday with finishing up my remaining schoolwork before Turkey Day, so I didn’t have time to make the post.


Anyway, yesterday’s post was titled “Now this is what I call art!” Notice how Binary Bard is the only one that doesn’t capitalize each word in his title? …Anyway…



avatar image

Those numbers mean “thescream” in binary code, which is the name of the painting that the Bard is standing in front of. I am assuming this may or may not be a counterfeit piece of art, but this is definitely from Counterfeit Island. Not much debate over that.


If there is a Creators’ Blog post tomorrow, I probably won’t post about that either, due to Thanksgiving. I am going to the parade in New York tomorrow as well as a Thanksgiving dinner with my family, so I will have no time to post.


Have a happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!


-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/23/09

So, after a 4-day posting break on the Creators’ Blog, there is yet another update to the newly announced Counterfeit Island. This one might actually relate to the word “Counterfeit” in the island’s name. It’s called “At The Station”.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side of those bars!

avatar image

So, looks like Dr. Hare is joining the Counterfeit party. It shows what looks like a sheriff’s office, with a poster above the desk reading “Stolen Painting – Thomas Jefferson”. This may relate to a counterfeit art piece being replaced by it so far. This is the first real clue as to the actual plot of Counterfeit Island, although the rest of the pieces still don’t seem to fit. Looks like we’ll just have to wait this one out a bit longer for some more details.

-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/19/09: Tiger Shark Boy Edition

Hello Poptropicans,


So, today we have yet another new Creators’ blog post, the third day in a row of them. This post is called “New Store Stuff!” Quite an original name.


We are crazy busy working on some really awesome Poptropica islands, but we found time to add two more outfits to the Poptropica Store…the Tiger Shark and Swan Ballerina!

avatar image

If you noticed, Shark Boy changed his avatar for this post. You may see that he’s still the same on all the others, so it’s not permanent or anything.

Anyway, this means that you can spend money on a tiger shark and swan ballerina (whatever that is) costume. I think the tiger shark costume looks pretty cool, although that’s probably just because it’s orange, and I like orange.

This post also leaves a few hints about other stuff. Shark Boy mentions how the team is “crazy busy working on some really awesome Poptropica islands”. Yeah, that’s right, islands. Island in the plural form. Multiple islands. ISLANDS! This means that the creators are working on more than one island right now. We know that Counterfeit is one, but what’s the other? Was Reality TV Island not abandoned at all? Are there other islands that they’re working on that we haven’t heard of yet? This is probably the first time that an update to Poptropica costumes got me excited! Reality TV might still be… ALIVE!!!

I thank you, Mr. Shark Boy, for making my day.


-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/18/09: Master Scooter Edition

Another new update to the Poptropica Creators’ was posted today. The creators sure have been busy lately with this new Counterfeit Island. In addition, this post was posted by a creator we’ve never seen before. If you haven’t noticed, every new island has a new creator for it, and it looks like Counterfeit Island’s designated creator is named “Master Mime”. I’ll discuss more on him later. Anyway, this post is titled “Scooter Chase”.


You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

avatar image

This post also marks the third creator to confirm Counterfeit Island. From this post, we can safely assume that players of Counterfeit Island will be riding on scooters.

Also, now I’m starting to wonder if this Counterfeit Island really is the rumored French Island that was first posted about on December 8th, 2008. This mime is wearing a beret, much like the girl in the picture in yesterday’s post. In addition to le thème du Français, more complete randomness is added to this mysterious French Island. First a Jazz Cafe, then fishing boat, then a security guard, construction worker and French girl, and now a French mime and a guy on a scooter. The only connection I see right now is French. All the rest seem almost completely unrelated. Which means, now we wait for yet another update to clarify what Counterfeit Island really is about.


Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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Header Contest!

Hello Poptropicans,


So, every day I’ve looked at the front page of my blog, and thought to myself, “Man, this blog would look a lot nicer with a header on top of it.” Well, I’ve decided to act. Well, kind of. I don’t really have the time to make my blog a header. So, internet slaves, do my work for me! (That was a joke, by the way.) Continue reading

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/17/09: Counterfeit #3

Hello again,


The Poptropica Creators released a new update to their recently announced “Counterfeit Island”. Apparently, they are staying with this name for now. Anywho, as with all new islands on Poptropica, the creators did the same thing for Counterfeit that they first did with Spy, Nabooti, Big Nate, and Reality TV today: the first view of the characters! This PCB post is titled “Some Counterfeit Characters”.

Here are a few Poptropicans you’ll likely be meeting on Counterfeit Island.

avatar image


So, it looks like Shark Boy is now joining in on the Counterfeit-palooza. The first character looks somewhat like either a park ranger or security guard. The second is most definitely a construction worker, the third one is a little unclear. My friend at the Poptropica People’s Blog Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw says how the last one may be a girl scout, as pointed out by Friendly Gamer, but I don’t see how it could be one. There are no badges on her at all, and girl scout uniforms don’t look much like that, from what I’ve seen. I think it could be possibly a student travelling abroad. She has a name tag and beret, so she could be a French student.


Any ideas? Comments? Questions? Comments? Go for the comments!


Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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A Little FYI from Fierce Sky (Hey, that rhymes!)

Hello, Poptropicans,

I have a few announcements to make regarding the future of this blog and Fierce Sky. No, I am not quitting, don’t get worried.

First off, I’d like to announce that I am now an author of the Poptropican People’s Blog! You may recognize this blog from either the PHB post or part of the 6.5k+ viewers of the site. I’m going to be posting some stuff both from this blog and some original stuff exclusively for the PPB. This does not mean in any way that I am quitting this blog!!! The PPB wanted some of the critically acclaimed content that is only on this site to be on there. (Yes, it is critically acclaimed, look at the comments and forum.) I am happy to be a poster on there, as I have been reading their blog for quite some time. This blog will still remain my personal and main Poptropica blog, of course.


So, moving on, after considering the possibilities and consequences that changing the web address bring, I have decided to keep this blog at the web address I don’t feel it has done any harm to anyone, and this blog is still a Poptropica help blog. I don’t see any immediate need for a new URL at the time. I will only change it if there are either several complaints from users, or if any member of the PHB complains about the address. Neither of those have happened as of yet. If you have a decision-changing reason for me to change the address, and lose all my previous statistics and probably some of you frequent viewers, then please comment on this post, as I appreciate all your comments.


So, that about wraps it up for now. Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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New Creators’ Blog Post, a few Thank You’s, a few Comments, and a Question…

Hello again Poptropicans,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posting this weekend. I took a mini-vacation, and had no access to the internet during this time. If you posted a comment between Friday and Sunday, your comment was heard, I just haven’t been around to moderate them. (Yes, I’m referring to you, Cool Wing and Smockers.)

So, here comes the long post! Continue reading

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1,000 hits! And, a user poll!

Hey everyone,


First, I’d like to thank all you awesome people on letting our blog get to 1,000 VIEWS!!! Thank you all for your support. Now that we’ve reached 1,000, I figured we can spend the next millennial tweaking the blog to more fit your needs. Therefore, to kick these next 1,000 hits off, let’s start with a user poll! You can choose 3 of the options below that you want most to be on a Poptropica blog (here). So, please vote, as every vote counts, and I will prioritize your top choices on this blog. So, vote away!



Thanks for 1,000!


-Fierce Sky

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