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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update (Finally!) 11/9/09

So, 11 days after posting about the complete waste of Poptropica SkinIts, the Poptropica Creators FINALLY released a new update, which also happens to be one that we can care about. This post also happens to be Comic Kid’s first post in 3 1/2 months. Thank you for saving us all from bad retail items, Comic Kid!


Anyway, this post is titled “Return of Comic Kid, and New Island?”. Yes, now is the time to get excited.


Well, I’m finally back after a long trip of searching out new islands in Poptropica. I even had time to grab some hot chocolate along the way.

avatar image

There is a sign in the top-right corner that says “JAZZ Cafe”. The picture is also titled “jazz_time”. This possible new island that Comic Kid is referring to probably hasn’t had any other updates besides this one. This could be part of a Jazz, or even a music island. If it is a music island, it could also be the first Poptropica Island with sound in it! If this really is a music island, I am all for it, just as long as it doesn’t delay Reality TV Island any more


Also, a little side note from me: I will NOT post about advertisements on Poptropica. These happen too often, and I feel that each one is too unimportant to be posted for each one. I will NOT do advertisement walkthroughs, and usually won’t mention them in posts at all. If you care about the advertisements, I would refer you to other Poptropica blogs, because this one won’t post about them. If you care about them that much, post some persuasive comments on this post, and if there is enough support, I will post them. Although, because of my previous findings, most of you don’t care about the ads anyway. Keep in mind that this is still your blog, so if you disagree with anything I do, feel free to leave a comment.


Speaking of comments, if you have anything to say at all about this post, post a comment on here, and if I like your comment well enough, I will post it on here.


Until next time,


-Fierce Sky


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  1. nice blog!
    Fierce Sky: Thanks! I always appreciate your feedback, so whenever you have ANYTHING to say, feel free to say it.

    Comment by Incredible Fish | November 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. Have you heard of the PHB? By Hijuyo? Just wondering but yours is pretty good!
    Fierce Sky: Yes, I have. In fact, it was my inspiration to make my own blog, when it was still Scary Tomato’s Poptropica Help Blog. Also, I know you from PHB’s comments. 🙂

    Comment by Kitty Cat Cool Wing (Element) | November 13, 2009 | Reply

    • XD Mostly active on the PHF now! My blog is I’ll add you if you want like I said!

      Comment by █╪╪☼Kitty§Cat§Cool§Wing╪╪█ (Element) | November 17, 2009 | Reply

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