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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/24/09: Binary SCREAM! Edition

Hello Poptropicans,


First, I’d like to apologize for the delay in this post. I was very busy yesterday with finishing up my remaining schoolwork before Turkey Day, so I didn’t have time to make the post.


Anyway, yesterday’s post was titled “Now this is what I call art!” Notice how Binary Bard is the only one that doesn’t capitalize each word in his title? …Anyway…



avatar image

Those numbers mean “thescream” in binary code, which is the name of the painting that the Bard is standing in front of. I am assuming this may or may not be a counterfeit piece of art, but this is definitely from Counterfeit Island. Not much debate over that.


If there is a Creators’ Blog post tomorrow, I probably won’t post about that either, due to Thanksgiving. I am going to the parade in New York tomorrow as well as a Thanksgiving dinner with my family, so I will have no time to post.


Have a happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you!


-Fierce Sky


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  1. I would like to invite you to become an author on the Poptropica project. Email if you are interested.
    Fierce Sky: I do appreciate your request, and am honored to be requested, but I am already managing 2 blogs, plus many events that I am involved in real life, so as much as I would like to accept your offer, I would like to politely decline it. Thank you anyway for the offer, as I appreciate all forms of support for my blog.

    Comment by markster | November 27, 2009 | Reply

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