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Counterfeit Island’s Plot (Somewhat) REVEALED!

So, today, we received our first actual information on Counterfeit Island, besides gatekeepers, cottages, some paintings, scooters, guards, and a Jazz Cafe. Yes, actual plot information! Here’s the screen:




So yes, the plot does involve stolen artwork, and someone’s trying to steal it. Your role is to stop whoever’s stealing the paintings from, well, stealing the paintings. I’m assuming the guy at the bottom-right is the person stealing the paintings. Does he work with Master Mime?

Now, I really hate to say this, but this island may make me a little happy, as it’s the first real island since Astro-Knights, which was back in June. But, I am rather disappointed by this island. It just doesn’t look that exciting to me. I don’t find what can be that exciting about stopping some evil guy from stealing some paintings from a museum. If you want me to be impressed with this island, show me some footage that might get me a bit more excited. Or, put out Reality TV Island already. I cared about that way more than Big Nate or Astro-Knights. Many people would like to have Reality TV Island out already, and you’ve spent plenty of time on it already anyway. Please, Poptropica. Revive the island.


So, that’ll do it for today. Until next time,


-Fierce Sky


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