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Counterfeit Island Updates Thread

Hello Poptropicans,

So, I’ve managed to get my hands on a Counterfeit Island Early Access Pass, so that means I’m going through the island. I’ll post some screenshots, and will work on a walkthrough as I progress through it. I will be constantly editing this thread, so constantly check it for new stuff. By the way, all the times I mention are in the EST time zone. If you are in Pacific time, add 3 hours, Mountain time, add 2, and Central, add 1. Google up your time zone if you’re not sure about it.

12/23/09, 8:47 pm

Exterior of the Museum in Counterfeit Island

That picture above is the alternate account I am using for this island, Grumpy Panda. Panda is in front of the museum next to the police chief, at the beginning of Counterfeit Island.

12/23/09, 9:05 pm

Fierce Sky Was Here

Upon being denied any access to the museum, I had some fun with a paint tool in the city. Fierce Sky was here 🙂

12/23/09, 9:09 pm

Mime creeps me out.

This mime lady’s making creepy gestures at me downtown. I’m a little scared, despite my glued-on smile.

12/23/09, 9:13 pm

Creepy clown

AAH, CLOWN! This clown is standing on the roof of a place called “Bobo’s Clown Store”. If this were real life, I’d never go in a clown store at all, let alone one with a clown standing on the roof of it…

12/23/09, 9:18 pm

A French Tour Guide

A French Tour Guide

Remember that mysterious Counterfeit Island character who nobody could figure out what role she played? Turns out she isn’t a worker or exchange student. She’s a French tour guide, offering a tour of the city. Too bad all the tickets are sold out.

12/23/09, 9:56 pm

I’ve posted a walkthrough of the island for all your viewing pleasure. To get to it, you can either click the link at the top of this page, or click here.

I might post a few more screens, but I’d really like to actually play it for myself. It’s kind of hard to do that with the posting of the pictures and walkthrough.


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Counterfeit Island in Early Access Release!

Yes, the time is here, kinda. Poptropica’s newest island, Counterfeit Island, has been put out on limited release. You can access this island before anyone else for 500 Poptropica credits! Plus, if you beat the island before January 3rd, the public release date, you get 200 of those Poptropica credits back, rather than the usual 100! I’ve used up all 5 of my account’s credits on stuff, and even Fierce Sky’s broke, so if you have any screenshots or information on the island, we’ll gladly post your pictures or walkthroughs for others.

Here’s the official blog post, titled "Poptropica’s Newest Island is Now Available!"

Can you foil the thief who is out to steal some of the world’s most famous artwork? Be among the first to explore and solve the mystery plaguing Counterfeit Island!
You can play right now with the Early Access Pass! It’s available in the Poptropica Store for 500 credits. Ask a parent to
buy credits or earn them by solving other islands.
We’re offering 200 FREE CREDITS to Poptropicans that complete Counterfeit Island during the Early Access period.



Counterfeit Island will be available to the public in January 2010. For those of you expecting Reality TV Island…Stay tuned. And don’t forget to sign up for the next island release alert.
avatar image

The official date listed on the website is January 3rd, 2010. Also, they have confirmed that Reality TV Island hasn’t been abandoned after all. Thank you, Poptropica.

Over my winter vacation I’m going to try to beat a bunch of islands again and get this early pass myself, but I’m excited to hear what you all think of the island.

I’m going to do a 2009 Poptropica Wrap-Up Post very soon, where I’ll review what’s happened in the past year for Poptropica, and issue my wishes for next year. If you want some of your comments in that special post, be sure to comment on any of my posts, preferably this one, to tell me what you’d like Poptropica to do next year, and what you thought of this past Poptropica year.


So, until next time,


-Fierce Sky


P.S. Fierce Sky’s Header Contest is ending in 10 days! Make sure to finish up your headers as soon as possible, and to email them to along with the attached header. I am pleased with some of my entries so far. But, there’s still time to get your own artwork on my site, and maybe some other surprises I’ll give to you as well. Enter now!

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Counterfeit Island’s Plot (Somewhat) REVEALED!

So, today, we received our first actual information on Counterfeit Island, besides gatekeepers, cottages, some paintings, scooters, guards, and a Jazz Cafe. Yes, actual plot information! Here’s the screen:




So yes, the plot does involve stolen artwork, and someone’s trying to steal it. Your role is to stop whoever’s stealing the paintings from, well, stealing the paintings. I’m assuming the guy at the bottom-right is the person stealing the paintings. Does he work with Master Mime?

Now, I really hate to say this, but this island may make me a little happy, as it’s the first real island since Astro-Knights, which was back in June. But, I am rather disappointed by this island. It just doesn’t look that exciting to me. I don’t find what can be that exciting about stopping some evil guy from stealing some paintings from a museum. If you want me to be impressed with this island, show me some footage that might get me a bit more excited. Or, put out Reality TV Island already. I cared about that way more than Big Nate or Astro-Knights. Many people would like to have Reality TV Island out already, and you’ve spent plenty of time on it already anyway. Please, Poptropica. Revive the island.


So, that’ll do it for today. Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 12/9/09: Awkward… Edition

Hello again Poptropicans,


First off, I’d like to apologize for not posting on the last Creators’ Blog post. I didn’t feel it was that important, and didn’t think many of you cared about store items that much. If you are angry with me about that, I am sorry. I will add more polls soon getting your feedback on what I should do with the blog.

So, Master Mime has made his 2nd Creators’ Blog post. This one’s called “Counterfeit Island Gate Keeper”.


Here is some concept art for Counterfeit Island. Watch out for the Gatekeeper! You will only like him when he’s…crazy.

avatar image

So… yeah… it looks like whatever that thing is is the “gatekeeper” of Counterfeit island. I don’t know what you say, but I say that think looks a little… awkward… if you know what I mean…


Now, getting a little off-topic regarding Poptropica: My favorite Club Penguin blogger, Watex, has returned! I’ve posted about him months and months ago, and he has finally “risen from the dead”. Help support his new Club Penguin blog by going here to his new(ish) site: I’ve been following him since 2007, and he’s the one who introduced me to WordPress in the first place, so basically, me posting right now is due to him. Show him some support, and check out his revived blog!


So, that’ll do it for today. Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 12/1/09: Comic Kid’s Getaway Edition

Well, hello again Poptropicans,


What do you know, another Counterfeit Island update for all of us to enjoy! This one is yet another by Comic Kid, and is called “A little getaway”.


While exploring more of Counterfeit Island, I saw a quaint little cottage just outside of town, that would be a great vacationing spot.

avatar image

Shown seems to be a stone cottage, possibly an old house that you have to explore. I can’t come up with anything else, although the outlines of trees in the background suggest a forest.

Hooray, more Counterfeit Island randomness for us all to ponder about until the island is released. I really have no idea how this fits into the island. You have any ideas? Comment!


Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/18/09: Master Scooter Edition

Another new update to the Poptropica Creators’ was posted today. The creators sure have been busy lately with this new Counterfeit Island. In addition, this post was posted by a creator we’ve never seen before. If you haven’t noticed, every new island has a new creator for it, and it looks like Counterfeit Island’s designated creator is named “Master Mime”. I’ll discuss more on him later. Anyway, this post is titled “Scooter Chase”.


You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

avatar image

This post also marks the third creator to confirm Counterfeit Island. From this post, we can safely assume that players of Counterfeit Island will be riding on scooters.

Also, now I’m starting to wonder if this Counterfeit Island really is the rumored French Island that was first posted about on December 8th, 2008. This mime is wearing a beret, much like the girl in the picture in yesterday’s post. In addition to le thème du Français, more complete randomness is added to this mysterious French Island. First a Jazz Cafe, then fishing boat, then a security guard, construction worker and French girl, and now a French mime and a guy on a scooter. The only connection I see right now is French. All the rest seem almost completely unrelated. Which means, now we wait for yet another update to clarify what Counterfeit Island really is about.


Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/17/09: Counterfeit #3

Hello again,


The Poptropica Creators released a new update to their recently announced “Counterfeit Island”. Apparently, they are staying with this name for now. Anywho, as with all new islands on Poptropica, the creators did the same thing for Counterfeit that they first did with Spy, Nabooti, Big Nate, and Reality TV today: the first view of the characters! This PCB post is titled “Some Counterfeit Characters”.

Here are a few Poptropicans you’ll likely be meeting on Counterfeit Island.

avatar image


So, it looks like Shark Boy is now joining in on the Counterfeit-palooza. The first character looks somewhat like either a park ranger or security guard. The second is most definitely a construction worker, the third one is a little unclear. My friend at the Poptropica People’s Blog Detective Sneakyc/Scaryw says how the last one may be a girl scout, as pointed out by Friendly Gamer, but I don’t see how it could be one. There are no badges on her at all, and girl scout uniforms don’t look much like that, from what I’ve seen. I think it could be possibly a student travelling abroad. She has a name tag and beret, so she could be a French student.


Any ideas? Comments? Questions? Comments? Go for the comments!


Until next time,


-Fierce Sky

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New Creators’ Blog Post, a few Thank You’s, a few Comments, and a Question…

Hello again Poptropicans,

First of all, I’d like to apologize for the lack of posting this weekend. I took a mini-vacation, and had no access to the internet during this time. If you posted a comment between Friday and Sunday, your comment was heard, I just haven’t been around to moderate them. (Yes, I’m referring to you, Cool Wing and Smockers.)

So, here comes the long post! Continue reading

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