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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/18/09: Master Scooter Edition

Another new update to the Poptropica Creators’ was posted today. The creators sure have been busy lately with this new Counterfeit Island. In addition, this post was posted by a creator we’ve never seen before. If you haven’t noticed, every new island has a new creator for it, and it looks like Counterfeit Island’s designated creator is named “Master Mime”. I’ll discuss more on him later. Anyway, this post is titled “Scooter Chase”.


You will get to zip through Counterfeit Island on a cool scooter. Wheeeeeeeeee!

avatar image

This post also marks the third creator to confirm Counterfeit Island. From this post, we can safely assume that players of Counterfeit Island will be riding on scooters.

Also, now I’m starting to wonder if this Counterfeit Island really is the rumored French Island that was first posted about on December 8th, 2008. This mime is wearing a beret, much like the girl in the picture in yesterday’s post. In addition to le thème du Français, more complete randomness is added to this mysterious French Island. First a Jazz Cafe, then fishing boat, then a security guard, construction worker and French girl, and now a French mime and a guy on a scooter. The only connection I see right now is French. All the rest seem almost completely unrelated. Which means, now we wait for yet another update to clarify what Counterfeit Island really is about.


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