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2 days left in Header Contest!

That’s right, folks; there’s only today and tomorrow to finish up your headers for Fierce Sky’s first ever header contest! If you are skilled at creating graphics or headers, make sure that you make one for this blog, and email it to by January 1st! If you want to participate in this contest and haven’t already, hurry up! There’s only 2 days to do it!

Sorry about the lack of news lately; there really hasn’t been much to report on. I already posted a walkthrough to Counterfeit Island, so if you need help with that, get over there, and you’ll have no problem finishing Counterfeit Island. If you didn’t get an Early Access code yet, do yourself a favor and wait until January 4th, the day of release for Counterfeit, to look at that. It’s a great island, and I’d hate to see that it’s my fault that you already know its plot.

So, I think that just about wraps it up for now, so, until next time,

-Fierce Sky


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Header Contest Ends in 15 Days!

Hello Poptropicans,

This is just a friendly reminder to those of you participating that there are just 15 days left to make your hopefully awesome entries to Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Blog’s 1st Ever Header Contest! I know that some of you have been working very hard on the contest, and I wouldn’t like to see that hard work go to waste just because you forgot about the deadline!

Also, I’d like to apologize for my somewhat inactivity lately on the blog. Between the Creators not posting too much lately and projects I have to get done before the winter break, I haven’t been able to post much. I will be posting more soon, as well as a few surprises regarding the future of the blog coming soon.

So, until next time,

-Fierce Sky

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Header Contest!

Hello Poptropicans,


So, every day I’ve looked at the front page of my blog, and thought to myself, “Man, this blog would look a lot nicer with a header on top of it.” Well, I’ve decided to act. Well, kind of. I don’t really have the time to make my blog a header. So, internet slaves, do my work for me! (That was a joke, by the way.) Continue reading

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