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An Important Announcement from Fierce Sky

Hello guys,

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been very inactive on both this blog and the Poptropican Peoples Blog lately. I am done with my midterms now, but I have much more to worry about now. Between family issues, high school placement, and many other things, I don’t see how I can continue to actively post on this blog anymore. However, I refuse to abandon this blog; we’ve come so far in just a few months, that I don’t want to let a great opportunity like this one pass by. I have faith in this blog and its readers. I never thought it would ever have an actual reader base, or more than 1,000 hits at all. We’re already well past 3,000 hits, and I know that we’ll have many more in the future. I enjoy working on this blog very much, although when I have to choose between school/family and this blog, I must go with the former. Currently, I have not decided if I want to continue making this blog a solo act, or possibly add more authors in the future. One of my main goals for this blog was to run an excellent one-man Poptropica blog, although I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that going for much longer.

With all that said, I have decided that I must make an indefinite leave to Fierce Sky’s Poptropica Help Blog, and posting on the Poptropican Peoples Blog. Notice the word indefinite. I am not completely leaving. All I am doing right now is putting the blogs on hold, until I feel I can constantly post again, and when I can feel comfortable working on here while having time for other activities. In case you aren’t aware, despite how it may look, running a blog such as this one can be very time consuming to work on. You may think that writing a 500-letter blog only a few times a week may not take too long to work on, but it is much more time consuming than it looks.

Please excuse my current absence, and I hope to come back to this blog very soon.

Thank you for understanding,

-Fierce Sky


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