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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 12/30/09: Rise from the Dead Edition (Plus, a New Poll!)

Hello again Poptropicans,


So, today, the Creators have given us yet another update after this extended 1 week absence. This time, it’s about the island we all have been begging for: Reality TV! Dr. Hare did promise updates on the island, so apparently it hasn’t been abandoned after all. Besides, it was decided by a poll, so we’d feel kind of ripped off that our choice of an island never happened. Anyway, this post is titled “Back to Reality”.

Well after much vacationing, I have again returned to Reality TV Island. I heard the local grocery store had some good donuts, I just don’t know which kind to get.


So, some randomness regarding TV this time around. Also, if you haven’t noticed, this is the first Reality TV post not involving either reality show contestants or TVs. We’re going through right now the same randomness as when we first heard of Counterfeit a month ago right now, so maybe we’ll even be able to play Reality TV Island before March. I’m hopeful, although my expectations are a bit lowered for this island after seeing how great Counterfeit Island is.


Also, there’s a poll on what your favorite game on Poptropica is, so be sure to vote in that.


So, until next time,


-Fierce Sky


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