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Poptropica Creators’ Blog Update 11/19/09: Tiger Shark Boy Edition

Hello Poptropicans,


So, today we have yet another new Creators’ blog post, the third day in a row of them. This post is called “New Store Stuff!” Quite an original name.


We are crazy busy working on some really awesome Poptropica islands, but we found time to add two more outfits to the Poptropica Store…the Tiger Shark and Swan Ballerina!

avatar image

If you noticed, Shark Boy changed his avatar for this post. You may see that he’s still the same on all the others, so it’s not permanent or anything.

Anyway, this means that you can spend money on a tiger shark and swan ballerina (whatever that is) costume. I think the tiger shark costume looks pretty cool, although that’s probably just because it’s orange, and I like orange.

This post also leaves a few hints about other stuff. Shark Boy mentions how the team is “crazy busy working on some really awesome Poptropica islands”. Yeah, that’s right, islands. Island in the plural form. Multiple islands. ISLANDS! This means that the creators are working on more than one island right now. We know that Counterfeit is one, but what’s the other? Was Reality TV Island not abandoned at all? Are there other islands that they’re working on that we haven’t heard of yet? This is probably the first time that an update to Poptropica costumes got me excited! Reality TV might still be… ALIVE!!!

I thank you, Mr. Shark Boy, for making my day.


-Fierce Sky


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